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Little journey through time

The Rheinhotel-Adler was built in 1783 under the name Zum Güldenen Adler.

Over two centuries, it has witnessed the birth of the modern world. From the annexation by the French in 1806-1813, to the year 1839 when the Thurn and Taxissche Posthalterei was housed in this building. It was also home to one of Germany’s first stamps. Over to the two world wars and many other good and less good days, the old Adler had seen many happy visitors in all his sublime time. The Hotel was considered a comfortable home for many foreign guests. Particularly noteworthy is the visit of Hoffmann von Fallersleben, who wrote the later national anthem “The Song of the Germans,” but also Kurt Tucholsky as well as other prominent guests who stayed here and were happy to return. Immerse yourself in this history building and become a part of it as our guest.